Accommodating style dating after divorce over 40

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Accommodating style

If both parties involved in the conflict avoid the conflict, this is said to be a 0/0 – meaning – none of the parties involved in the conflict wins anything.

–––~~~••• O •••~~~–––Conflict Management Styles: “Forcing”Forcing is when you impose your opinion, point of view, decision, etc., on the other party involved in the conflict.

It is when you require the other party – by virtue of physical force, psychological force, political force, etc. If one of the parties in the conflict adopts the forcing style and the other party adopts the accommodating style (see below), this is said to be a 100/0 – meaning – the forcing party wins and the accommodating party loses.

–––~~~••• O •••~~~–––Conflict Management Styles: “Accommodating”Accommodating is when you accept the other party’s will – despite the fact that you don’t want to accept it.

The avoidance strategy involves staying away from conflict instead of addressing the issue.

While there is no victor from compromise, each person also fails to achieve her or his original goal.Afzalur Rahim points out that "intergroup conflict is inevitable in complex organizations." Further, as the University of Oregon's Holden Leadership Center points out, "conflict is inevitable in any interpersonal relationship." What determines whether or not conflict will have a negative or positive result lies with how it is managed.An important key to learning how to manage conflict effectively lies with recognizing that there is not just one right way to deal with conflict.People who accommodate are unassertive and very cooperative.They neglect their own concerns to satisfy the concerns of others.

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