Are jo and slade dating again who is turtle dating in real life

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Are jo and slade dating again

alum Jo De La Rosa is looking for love, and has enlisted the help of ex-husband Slade Smiley. Her friends are setting her up with eligible guys, but the catch is all the men must live with and endure a serious grilling from Smiley, who remains Jo's trusted friend-but are his intentions good?

pursuing a singing career, but her friends think it's time she starts dating again.

I feel like it's changed so much, and when I can catch an episode, I feel like the difference between the original season and the seasons now, I just love the hair and the makeup and the wardrobe, just like how everything in terms of production value, it's just awesome to see how big of a franchise [it's become]. It was a really fun experience." Fun, yes, but not always easy.

"Watching it back now, I would have made some different choices in terms of French maid outfits, maybe some of my fashion choices of 2006 were questionable., the Season 1 alum's life has changed dramatically.Some of those major life changes took place when the cameras were rolling (like her split from then-fiance Slade Smiley), and some of those shifts occurred after she bid the show a farewell following Season 2.“Date My Ex” picks up with Jo’s newly single life in Los Angeles. All the old, unresolved emotions that you saw before come out. But it was uncomfortable watching her be affectionate with a guy. But I decided to jump back in, with a little convincing from my girlfriends. Her friends, Myia Ingoldsby and Katy Metz, have set her up on a series of dates. It’s a little bit more me – me and my girlfriends at my age. OCR: How did you, the producers and Bravo find the guys in the show?

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