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Whenever I’ve taken time to regain perspective, what I inevitably learn is that while my life is pretty great, I can’t deny that I do want a relationship, too. But your experience proves that dating at your pace doesn’t produce a relationship.

While I agree that maybe I’ve gone overboard online dating, I don’t know how to reconcile wanting a relationship with not taking active steps to pursue one.

“Be honest about yourself and what you believe — it’s always better than guessing what he wants or playing games to get what you want.” What does the guy want?

DEAR OLD FRIEND: It’s easy for me to say, but, why not be patient with her?

She didn’t have her 18 at 18, for whatever reason — and especially if it’s a reason that warrants compassion, it seems as if a little deep breathing can get you (and her) through to a comfortable, mutual 32.

I was in your shoes — and because none of my dates worked out, I almost closed off the possibility that one of them would. I figured that if I was doing something wrong, I’d find out what.

I had to start thinking of each person I met as a whole new coin flip — not part of a series. If it wasn’t anything I was doing, then at least I’d know I’d done everything I could.

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