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Is Elba trying to tell Bond fans something or is he just kidding around?

Recently a coy Aidan Turner pulled a similar trick by dodging question at the National Television Awards and walking away from a red carpet interview.

Particularly helpful in this regard are the intimate talks between Lincoln (Day-Lewis) and his most valued adviser, Secretary of State William Seward (David Strathairn), as well with his party's founder Preston Blair (Hal Holbrook, a famous Lincoln in his own time).

Tomas is a doctor and a lady-killer in 1960s Czechoslovakia, an apolitical man who is struck with love for the bookish country girl Tereza; his more sophisticated sometime lover Sabina eventually accepts their relationship and the two women form an electric friendship.

Through all of his one night stands and emotionless sexual encounters, he only has one real lover; Sabina (Lena Olin) is a seductive, carefree artist.

PHOTOS: 22 of Hollywood's Best Presidents in Movies and TV The stiffest challenge facing Kushner was to lay out enough exposition in the early going to give viewers their bearings while simultaneously jump-starting the film's dramatic movement.

Quite a bit of information simply has to be dropped in quickly to get it over with -- Mary Todd Lincoln's continuing depression over the death of a son three years earlier, her husband's re-election the previous November, the need for Lincoln to win over some 20 Democrats to achieve the two-thirds majority required to pass -- but the estimable playwright who won a Pulitzer for 1992's mostly manages to cover so many mandatory issues by plausibly making them the subjects of the characters' vivid conversation.

in the 1940s, right down to the rogue's gallery of great character actors in a multitude of bewhiskered supporting roles backing up a first-rate leading performance by Daniel Day-Lewis.

The wall-to-wall talk and lack of much Civil War action might give off the aroma of schoolroom medicine to some, but the elemental drama being played out, bolstered by the prestige of the participants and a big push by Disney, should make this rare film about American history pay off commercially.

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The actor, tipped to receive his fifth Oscar nomination for the performance, said the voice materialised “in my mind’s ear”.

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