Dating old iron keys

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Dating old iron keys

German Luftwaffe training key TKP "Maus" ("mouse") made of dark bakelite. Markings: 1941 BAL 969, logo "dbf/" (made by Hoppmann & Mulsow Elektronische Spezialfabrik, Hamburg) and "T1", K43. Commonly used 1941-48 for ground to aircraft shortwave communication with FR-2 radio set. USSR aircraft key type P12 used in used in aircraft types LI-2, IL-12, IL-14 since 1945. 10/F 7741 in perfect condition from OM Jimmy, SM2BYW. Used in British bombers (Lancaster, Halifax etc.) in explosive environments, usually with the wireless set T1154. Complete with RX/TX switch and original "toothbrush" connector for the radio. Prevoius owner SM7OH has exchanged the makers's plate for his callsign. Swedish key from about 1942 made by Svenska Aktiebolaget Trådlös Telegrafi (SATT), a subsidiary of Telefunken. The cable would be connected with the centre, and the battery and galvanometer to the other two. German "klopfertaste", M.99 for German RTV and railways, built by Hartmann & Braun, Frankfurt a. His wife, Julia, who has thyroid cancer, moved to Qatar to be with her husband but has since returned to the UK amid accusations of the affair with Miss Rose.Miss Rose was initially believed to have been friends with the couple’s daughter, Jemma, 31, though this has since been denied.The earliest keys were wooden and designed to open locks that were basically beams or crossbars that slid across doors.To lock their doors from the outside, ancient Egyptians and Mesopotamians used “pin-tumbler” locks, which were opened by wooden keys.The wheels were in motion for my first visit to Key West.

One source told the paper: ‘This is the most appalling behaviour.

I’ve been told that Key West is a haven for hippies, bikers, vagabonds, and free spirits of all kinds. I hear Key West’s siren song every year when I go to Daytona for Bike Week.

It doesn’t help that like clockwork my friends attending Bike Week invite me to join them for a blast to Key West to get away from the craziness of Daytona.

But I’m working during Bike Week, so I have to decline.

So recently, while a buddy and I were in southern Florida for other reasons, I decided it was high time for this free spirit (that would be me) to ride a bike to the southernmost point in the United States.

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It’s a toll road, but paying the extra coin to get to Florida’s southern terminus via this route is well worth the fare.