Did leona lewis dating simon cowell

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Now, people want to be famous for the sake of being famous even though they don't necessarily have the talent in a particular area, so the world of 'celebrityism' has been filled up with Big Brother winners and X Factor dropouts.

For the sake of our intelligence, those of you that are a part of the Honey G 'machine', please stop force feeding us her shtick and put your time and efforts into those that are more deserving of such an opportunity.

The following year after a successful comeback with "So Macho" she released the first lead single of her upcoming debut album which ha been announced to be called "Sinitta!

", the lead single was "Toy Boy" and the single reached Number 4 on the UK Charts a position on the charts it held for three consecutive weeks.

'He was carrying my bags and doing my schedules and driving the car. And it's Simon who's now in the limelight - 12 million viewers are expected to tune in to tomorrow's final - seated on the judges' panel, up there on stage, counting his millions.

Sinitta susbeuqtentely released her debut album "Sinitta!

With The Voice looking to start the new year with a bang, it seems unfortunate that The X Factor has become a ministry of blandness this time but a Saara win could be enough to show the new singing competition in town that the old dog still have some bite and shouldn't be put down quite yet.

I believe that all of them will have a career in music, as well as singers that left the X-Factor before them.

As Sharon Osbourne agreed with Nicole, Simon Cowell told Olivia: "What we're trying to say is, be who you are because you've got a great voice."Finally, Louis Walsh offered up his usual line: "You look like the perfect popstar!

The very first week of the new series on ITV and a star has fallen into their laps.

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" which was launched with moderate success reaching Number 34 on the UK charts and spent twelve weeks in the Top 75.