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The location of the club is secret and you will be sent the address and password a few days before the event.With live jazz and vintage DJing to keep you dancing, there’ll also be cabaret and burlesque performances throughout the evening.Who knows, maybe Cupid will shoot you with his arrow and you’ll be the one saying ‘Yes! So get ready for some lovin’ – here are some of our favourite Valentine’s Day events in London that are sure to ignite some flames in your love life.Get your glad rags on and boogie the night away at the 1920s inspired Valentine’s Day ball at The Candlelight Club. £10 Thursday 12 – Shhh Dating Singles Party – Jam Tree, Clapham. £25 booking fee Magenta Dating – Black Singles Social Night. One Night of Mystery – Valentine’s Masquerade Party.

I have gone on dates in the literal sense, kissed guys, and had sex.

If you allow them to, negative thoughts can fester and lead to serious depression.

The occasional case of the blues is perfectly normal, but that doesn’t make dealing with it any easier.

That’s why it’s important to take action early to bust yourself out of a slump. Understanding the pattern of positive and negative emotions will help you put your feelings in perspective.

While these suggestions won’t eliminate your problems, they can help you break a negative thought pattern and stop feeling depressed. Next time you feel down, just remember that it’s a natural emotion that will inevitably pass.

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You won’t be able to settle for a nice box of chocolates this year – London is offering up a plethora of lovetastic events and activities for all you happy couples.