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Foxy brown dating baby cham

She isn't pleased, and when she retaliates, she brings the crazy in a number of memorable ways.In an era of rapidly increasing sexual freedom (and rapidly lowering social stigma for women who chose not to remain blushing virgins until the wedding day), Fatal Attraction sounded a shrill warning bell: That casual affair may cost you your family, social position, peace of mind, and pet bunny. Medea (1987) The Euripides tragedy Medea remains the touchstone for all cold-blooded female-revenge stories, so it seems appropriate that Lars von Trier, a Danish director known for putting women through the ringer in films like Breaking The Waves and Dancer In The Dark, would tackle the play in all its unrelenting bleakness.Well, I'll have to go with the second one, as this is one of the better rap albums of 2001.I'm not sure how it happened, but sometime during the '90s the female rappers who had been in charge for several years faded away to make room for a new breed of Jills with skills.Nope, it's DMX, Foxie and a ton of people who had nothing to do with it. Nas, AZ, Murder Inc, 50 Cent, The Rough Riders and anyone who knew Foxie or DMX.There's probably an extended version where Kurupt calls out Foxie's mom or something.

In the late 90s, Kelly began experimenting with hip-hop infused dancehall, resulting in riddims like the Bug and the Clone.

If MC Lyte and Roxanne Shant represented the pioneering phase of the '80s and Queen Latifah was the First Lady of conscious rap, their successors were more influenced by the 'gangster' flair prevailing from coast to coast.

First there was Yo-Yo, then there was Boss, all still situated on the West Coast.

His betrayal triggers a response so outrageously disproportional to the crime that it remains shocking to this day. The crude set-up finds Zoe Lund, a mute woman who gets raped twice in one day—once in an alley on the way home from work, again by a burglar in her apartment—taking matters into her own hands.

After getting the upper hand on the second attacker, whom she kills in self-defense and whose remains she disposes of in a number of paper bags, Lund buys a gun and heads into the night. 45 is a rape-revenge story, the "revenge" part is disturbingly nebulous: She isn't out to kill any specific violator, just lecherous males in general.

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On Cham’s debut album from 2000, , he took his experimenting one step further.