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If the session is already invalid, the invalidate() method will throw an Illegal State Exception.

An object can be notified when it is bound to a session or unbound from a session simply by implementing the Http Session Binding Listener interface.

Patients showing the features of Borderline Personality Disorder as defined in DSM-IV are notoriously difficult to treat (Linehan 1993a).

They are difficult to keep in therapy, frequently fail to respond to our therapeutic efforts and make considerable demands on the emotional resources of the therapist, particular when suicidal and parasuicidal behaviours are prominent.

Original proof of attendance records will be required.

Where a course or seminar was claimed, licensees must include sufficient information for Council to determine the content and length of the education as required under the Continuing Education Program.

// create session if none exists (default) and obtain reference Http Session session = Session(); // add a session attribute Attribute("lollypop", "it's my party"); // obtain reference to session attribute Object lollypop = Attribute("lollypop"); // print session ID and attribute println(Id()); println(lollypop); session.invalidate(); // session invalidated but reference to it still exists if (session == null) // print ID and attribute from invalidated session (will be same as before) println(Id()); println(lollypop); // print 'null' (create=false makes sure no new session is created) println(Session(false)); If you call Session().invalidate() and directly afterwards in the same thread Session(false) it should return null.

Licensees are expected to make a timely response to audit requests.

Once the audit is completed, all original documents will be returned.

I have also mention that i used http session Context's method get Session(String session ID) but which is depreciated.

We have already seen invalidate() method in session implicit object tutorial. Here we will see how to validate/invalidate a session.

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At the end of this page are links to each of the continuing education programs (hours and type of education required) for each class of licence.