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At the Sexual Violence Center, all of our services are provided by sexual assault advocates.The role of an advocate is to provide information, offer options and support victims and survivors in their decisions.A man whose acquittal on a rape charge was thrown out because a judge asked the complainant why she didn’t keep her knees together has been found not guilty a second time.In contrast to the first judge who found Alexander Wagar not guilty, and who is now facing dismissal for his conduct of the trial, the judge who conducted a retrial did not insist that an absence of fighting back showed she consented.Can you add that person to this list because I feel that if he sexually molested me, that he treated others the same way?If not, can you arrest him or can you please guide me to the correct person. I recently learned that a new law was implemented that requires all registered offenders to report their e-mail and internet identification information to the State Police. I understand that on July 1, 2007, all sex offenders that own their vehicles must report this information to the Registry.Basic trainings can also serve as refreshers for professionals already working in sexuality education.Click on the training title for more details and to register and pay.

More and more Minnesotans every year turn to us during one of the worst times in their lives.Planned Parenthood of New York City’s Training Institute provides trainings and resources to professionals who want to stay up-to-date on sexual and reproductive health topics.The Training Institute offers a wide variety of training opportunities for educators, health care providers, social workers, case managers, youth workers, and others who want to share healthy sexuality messages with clients.Read more: Public won’t see results of review of Alberta judges’ sex-assault case conduct Read more: 'Knees together' judge Robin Camp asks to make case for job in person Opinion: For Judge ‘knees together’ Camp: Education is power“I hope people consider Mr.Wagar, who for five years has had the stigma over top of him and twice now, with different witnesses, different evidence, has been acquitted.” He added: “I don’t want to be flippant, but would you rather have your judge make the right decision and say something inappropriate or to be politically correct and get the wrong decision?

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”The Wagar case highlights a justice system struggling to move beyond myths and stereotypes around sexual assault and achieve fairness for complainants while also preserving the presumption of innocence.