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Penguin dating site

Penguin authors including Julia Llewellyn and Adele Parks will write articles for the site, as will’s relationship expert Kate Taylor.

Disney is to close the original version of kid-friendly MMO Club Penguin, in favour of a mobile version called Club Penguin Island.

An in-game party is already underway to celebrate the ‘first 11 years’, but naturally fans are more keen on protesting than they are celebrating.

Twitter has been filled with complaints about the news, especially as there’s still no clue as to what Club Penguin Island actually is and how similar it’ll be to the original version.

Kate Taylor, a relationship advisor for who has also been published by Penguin, will contribute regularly with tips and answers to frequently asked questions about online dating.

Spruce the penguin’s dating profile states the 1-year-old Humboldt penguin is a “Single Penguin looking for Chicks,” as he was unable to find a mate among the 13 other penguins at his home in the Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park.

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She added: “ At Penguin we believe that the books we cherish and read over and over, those that we feel a deep emotional connection with, say something defining about us and the type of people we are.” Asked if soured romances could work against the brand, Rafferty said: “ I really hope any romances are happy ones, but hopefully our readers are fully aware of what can go wrong as that’s the kind of thing our Penguin Classics are full of.” international m.d.