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You can initiate two types of chats in Skype: voice and video.

Once you're in a chat, you can also send text messages to the person with whom you're chatting.

When someone is editing with you in Office Online (Word, Excel, Power Point, or One Note), click the Chat, button to open the chat pane.

Type in the box at the bottom of the pane to kick off the conversation.

Skype has been primarily used for video and audio calls over the years, but Microsoft has been trying to make sure the app is relevant for messaging recently.

The new Skype group chat invitation feature will be available initially in the UK and US, and Microsoft says it will roll out more broadly over the next few weeks.Using Skype's voice chat functionality can help cut down on your cellular and landline phone bills.Skype uses your Internet connection to communicate with other Skype users around the world.Microsoft is also bringing the ability to start a conversation and share the link using the mobile apps soon.Teamwork and document collaboration are easier than ever with Skype in Office Online.

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Sign into your Skype account and click the "Contacts" tab to display your Skype contacts.

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