Suggested terminology for quaternary dating methods

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Suggested terminology for quaternary dating methods

The southeast coast of the Baltic Sea is its major source in Europe, with lesser sources near the North Sea and in the Mediterranean. There is evidence of a strong trade in amber up the Elbe, Vistula, Danube, and into the Adriatic Sea area.The trade began in the CATEGORY: site DEFINITION: A cave site at Finale Ligure on the Italian Riviera whose excavation revealed a stratigraphy extending from the Upper Palaeolithic through Epi-Palaeolithic, to Early, Middle, and Late Neolithic, as well as poor levels from the Bronze and Iron Ages up to the wares associated with Arretine ware of the 1st century AD, Mediterranean amphorae, and imperial Roman coins were found by Wheeler.Other excavations have found Roman pottery, beads, intaglios, lamps, and glass which indicate continuous occupation.Graffiti on pottery indicates the presence of Indian traders.Prema svim dosadašnjim znanstvenim opažanjima i spoznajama svi živi organizmi posjeduju nasljedni materijal u obliku gena, odnosno kodirajućih sekvenci DNK (u nekih virusa RNK), koje su naslijedili od svojih roditelja i koje prosljeđuju svojim potomcima.

Food production was generally not practiced in North Africa before about the 5th millennium CATEGORY: artifact DEFINITION: Fossilized pine resin, a transparent yellow, orange, or reddish-brown material from coniferous trees.

It is amorphous, having a specific gravity of 1.05-1.10 and hardness of 2-2.5 on the , and has two varieties -- gray and yellow.

Amber was appreciated and popular in antiquity for its beauty and its supposed magical properties.

and the Arras people seem to have been intruders from the continent.

Their artifacts suggest links with the migrations of the Parisii from eastern France and the Rhineland.

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