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3) Using the format found on Google Maps, search for and select your location from the autocomplete search bar (do not pick a location if it is *completely underlined*).4) Adding text to the location fields after the fields have been populated from the autocomplete bar may cause the site to not be able to find a match in our location database, causing you to not appear in search results.The official documentation has moved to The transition is not 100% complete, but be seen as having the latest info.In some cases, the wiki still has some more or older info on certain topics inside Couch DB. Doc IDs are case-sensitive string identifiers that uniquely identify a document.

To me, this did not really answer my question of "how to update". First, download the tarball from here:https://github.com/Ruud Burger/Couch Pota ...

Two documents cannot have the same identifier in the same database, they are considered the same document.

Document IDs don't have restrictions on what characters can be used.

A window will open where you can enter your street address and / or your city. Your street address will always be kept private, but members will be able to view the city, state, and country that you live in.

To make sure your location is saved correctly, be sure to select a City, State (if applicable), and Country location from the autocomplete search bar in the "Location" field, even if you are not entering a street address. Adding additional information to the location fields after they have been populated may cause the site to not be able to find your location.

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To edit your profile location, begin by going to your Account & Settings page.