Updating dining room chairs to an intimidating

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Updating dining room chairs

Practice your technique on a poster board to achieve the perfect look before moving onto the walls.

Beautiful fabrics in a dining room are a must have.

If your cane chairs have bamboo, rattan or wood frames, paint them and the table one color, such as glossy pale gray or tan, after protecting the cane parts with painter’s tape.

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Designer Trish Beaudet created this elegant and romatic dining space with a golden chandelier over the glass and wood table set with candles and a floral centerpiece, golden drapery and a complementary rug, and a large pedestal urn with flowers by the window.

Trish Beaudet, Finishing Touches Interior by Design, Inc.: Concentrate on four things: de-clutter, paint, fabric and lighting.

Roll or brush on a few coats of good-quality gloss or semigloss latex or enamel paint after removing any old, flaking paint with a dry scrub brush.

Apply primer before painting to achieve better coverage, especially if you are painting over a darker color.

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Step One: Choose a new fabric to recover your dining seats. Tip: I like to use a mini foam roller on the tabletop itself… Step Four: Re-attach chair seats using the same screws or bolts.