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Multiple contestants on Logo TV’s gay “Bachelor”-like dating show, “Finding Prince Charming,” charge that show producers and network executives not only knew its leading man had worked as a male escort and appeared in a sex tape, they planned the entire scandal to drum up ratings for the ailing network.

One of the 13 suitors, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, insisted there is “no way” the network was unaware of the sketchy past of 33-year-old interior designer Robert Sepulveda Jr., as a Logo spokesperson claimed to The Wrap earlier this month.

is an American actor, director, and television producer best known for playing advertising executive Don Draper for the AMC television drama series, Mad Men (2007–2015).

For much of the mid-1990s, he lived in Los Angeles, making appearances in television series Providence, The Division, What About Brian, and Related.

In 2004, Snowden is undergoing basic training, having enlisted in the U. Army with intentions of matriculating to the Special Forces.

Logo TV’s first-ever gay dating competition, “Finding Prince Charming,” has been rocked by the revelation that the show’s star, 33-year old interior designer Robert Sepulveda, once worked as a male escort.

The network was blindsided by the disclosure, The Wrap has learned, and is scrambling to contain the PR nightmare as gay activists join the growing chorus of critics for a show that’s been dubbed the gay version of “The Bachelor” and is set to premiere September 8.

He eventually fractures his tibia, and is informed that he will be receiving an administrative discharge and that he may serve his country in other ways.

Snowden applies for a position at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and subsequently undergoes the screening process.

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I was young and it helped through college.” He went on to explain that he wanted “people to focus on is who I am today as an entrepreneur, as an activist.” The show’s host, former *NSYNC member Lance Bass, added, “We all have our past. I’ll admit it.” Rumors of Sepulveda’s past began to circulate last week after several gay news sites uncovered his escorting profile on the now defunct website Rent

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