Xp not updating group policy

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Regardless of your reasons, it is every users right to know what program is running, when it is running, and why it is running.

I was also a little miffed that (known as the “Windows XP” screen saver in Windows XP and “Windows Logo” screen saver in Windows Vista) was also nowhere to be found when I searched the file system.

When you install a program on to your computer it is important that the owner has full control over what actions are performed by this program.

Whether that be because the machine is in an enterprise setting and you need to have perform patch testing or because your a consumer who wants to be notified and give consent when a program is being updated.

Other than the driver, all print processing will occur on the workstation itself and not the server.

Theoretically, once the driver is installed on all of the workstations, you could unshare the printer if you so desired although this is not recommended. MAN, you will make the profile read only, which makes it a mandatory profile.

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First off, start with a Group Policy Object (GPO) that is linked to the OU where your user accounts are located in Active Directory.

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